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3D Collection

Our second NFT drop consists of 19,969 unique 3D NFTs, and ownership in the collection gets you quality exposure within the blooming Metaverse.

Alpaca Buying Guide

Play. Earn.
Have Fun.

Get your 3D Paca now!

Owning both a Genesis Alpaca and a 3D Alpaca gives you long-term utility on our massive Sandbox land, but it also offers real-life utility like merchandise and a variety of benefits we have up our sleeve. Get your 3D Paca now to solidify your spot in the Paca fam!

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Honorary Owners

The Paca project has been so widely lauded in the NFT space that the roster of 3D Paca holders is packed with industry legends. Key 3D holders in the Alpacadabraz project include Cozomo de’ Medici, Justin Aversano, Pranksy, SnoopDogg, Deeze, Cry, and plenty of other notable members of the NFT community. Jump in now and join that illustrious crew!


Welcome to the best Alpha group in the NFT space

But the perks associated with being part of the Paca fam don’t stop at NFT utility. Alpacadabraz is creating the strongest alpha group in the NFT space, complete with thought leaders, OGs, whales, experts and rising collectors in crypto, NFTs and DeFi. And that should benefit all of us associated with Alpacadabraz.


Latest and Greatest Alpha

We have a deep and diverse group of Alpha callers (including several punk collectors) who live to identify, research and connect with top-level upcoming projects. What’s more, they provide risk/reward ratios so that our community can make smart decisions about potential investments.


Many OGs and Whales

Several of our OGs come from the punks community, and we’re proud to say they’ve shown immense support for the Paca project since Day 1. The roster includes but is not limited to Cozomo de’ Medici, Justin Aversano, Pranksy, Barcella and L'anamour.


Highly Respected Experts

Our Alphas, our OGs, our Whales and our own loaded in-house staff come together to create one of the deepest groups of industry experts in the universe or metaverse.


Open for 2D and 3D Holders

Anyone in the Paca family can become involved.

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Want to meet the artists? Follow them!

Resident Paca designers Chuckchee and Mihgol aren’t just artists, they’re pixel crushers! To become acclimated with their vision and their craft, give them a follow.